The Firemoment Of Dawn III

The Firemoment Of Dawn

Sometimes it's all about the backstory.

“The Firemoment Of Dawn III” ~ I feel exceptionally blessed to have created this image. Waaaaaay back in the fall of 1987, a photographer friend and I made a tour to Banff, Alberta. We were driving my oil burner 1977 Ford 3/4 ton Econo-line Van and camping in the back. Basically, it was rough accommodations, but it had an open floor on the back. Wood paneling graced the interior of the sides, and a blue shag carpet covered a 2” thick foam pad. Way better than sleeping on the ground for sure. We hit a lot of photogenic locations, but this place along the marshy shore of Vermilion Lake topped up my creative captures with this beauty. Mt. Rundle rises to 9,672 feet. Banff is located in the lower valley to the left. We arrived in time for a sunset shoot.

As the sun sank below the horizon behind us we waited for that special “blue hour look”. Shooting film in a Mamiya RZ 67 cost about a buck each time I heard the loud clunk of the mirror retract and close for the shutter release, so I had to choose an optimal moment for exposures. A large lever on the camera body had to be cranked for the film to advance. As I was “waiting for the light” I noticed a full moon nudging over the peak of Mt. Rundle. The sky turned a pale robins egg blue and delicate pink clouds swirled as if they were dancing with the moon. A photographer’s dream… $$$$$ be damned… shoot away!

Thinking the money shot was “in the can”, we put our gear away, pulled out the camp stove, and fed ourselves while sitting in some vintage webbed folding chairs at the lake's edge. We toasted to victory way too many times. It was truly a superb evening so staying there for Sunrise the next morning was a given. We folded up the lawn chairs and shoved them underneath the van. Slumberland was a welcome event.

The next morning was cold and frosty and our heads were a little foggy, but the sky was clear. I was particularly bummed that there would be no color for the morning shoot. The camera setup was an easy 50 ft walk from the van. As we were making preparations, a mounty drove up and pleasantly said good morning. We exchanged some cross-border pleasantries. The next words from his mouth was a question. DID YOU GENTLEMEN CAMP HERE LAST NIGHT???? I realized from the tone in his voice, we were obviously out of touch with Canadian rules of camping. He proceeded to lecture us about possible fines but was nice enough to just to say. "WELL, DON’T LET ME CATCH YOU AGAIN!!!!" He left us to our morning business. As he drove away, I vaguely heard him say, “No pissing in the lake please!” A sort of reluctant smile emerged on my face. I think we were lucky that morning in more ways than one. The morning haze made the scene a little ethereal, but the moment the sun started to peek over the horizon I had another photographer's dream… $$$$ be damned… shoot away!

“The Firemoment Of Dawn III" was in the can!!!😀😀

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