Conceptual Style Collection

Conceptual Style ~ Folio One

"You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there. You have to be humble as you execute, but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspiration. In the photography industry, it's not about grand innovation, it's about a lot of little innovations: every day, every week, every month, making something a little bit better." MB

Through all the clutter, I have found that creating photography as an artistic endeavor has filled my time here on earth with incredibly enriching rewards. I am not talking necessarily about monetary rewards here. Within it’s grasp is a sense of spiritual satisfaction that continually pulls at me. Compare it to a singer/song writer driven by a love for their art completely removed from fame and fortune. Without such pursuits there would be no Beethoven, no Henri Cartier-Bresson, no Matisse, no Vincent van Gogh, no Pablo Picasso, no Ansel Adams, or no Brett Weston, just to name a mere few.


I would categorize this body of work as conceptual images. It personalizes a current and additional direction my art has been focused on. It is the result of my desire to reveal a glimpse of my inner voice... I crave image creation on a deeper level. I wish to “paint my ideas…”. I long to reach out and connect with the blessings of life. Visually, I want to tell a story. I hope to give back. I want my life to be a contribution to this world. I am continually wishing to be as expressive as a poet, with her choice of words, or as powerful as a singer’s voice in song. They, as well as I, crave to share our art with the world.


 "Things of nature" where mostly reflected in the early stages of my work. It was were I was comfortable. But, a sense of never being satisfied lingered. As my photographic career advanced, I find that I am discovering more interest in the "nature of things".