You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.

-- Aristotle --

"Perhaps I should have been a research scientist..."

Perhaps I should have been a research scientist...but there is no time left for that. As I see it, I have been given an inspiring gift that awards me remarkable moments of happiness and joy. What I have learned, after 35 years of photographic image creation, is that I seem to be incapable of slipping past the pull of her gravity. Photography has seen many changes, yet my desire to dance with the evolution continues to this day.


I continue to reach out for discovery. I want to learn more, show more, reveal more and discover more. My desire to connect with, and love, these amazing moments of transcendent excitement cannot be denied. It brings with her a miraculous inner peace. Incredibly, it is where discovery, and moments that take my breath away, walk hand-in-hand.


I place great value in my ability to create through thought. I feel blessed that I have at my disposal a sophisticated “Visual Toolbox". It is as if I am an actor on a world stage of astonishing discovery. Through this stunning voyage, I desire to reveal a glimpse of my inner voice...I crave image creation on a deeper level. I wish to “paint my ideas…”. I long to reach out and connect with the blessings of life. Visually, I want to tell a story. I hope to give back. I want my life to be a contribution to this world. I am continually wishing to be as expressive as a poet, with her choice of words, or as powerful as a singer’s voice in song. They, as well as I, crave to share our art with the world.


This endeavor challenges me, yet energizes me just the same. I know full well of her persistent demand for hard work and focus. It is sensational to realize the potential being offered to me. Creative direction and purpose are ripening. It is time to harvest…


" A new awakening is occurring. I love that feeling."



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