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Gallery Collections

Classic Film Collection

The Classic Film folios feature work created early in my photographic journey. Initially, the pursuit of landscape photography, with classic large and medium format film cameras was a marked passion of mine.

Honest to god, I thought I was going to be the next Ansel Adams. I studied “the zone system”, camera mechanics, and film technology. There was more input than output. Street fairs became my training ground. Images produced during this period eventually became a signature cornerstone of the type of work I have been most noted for. Many were printed and sold to thousands of clients in the region.

Classic Digital Collection

The Classic Digital folios reveal a collection of work that is an extension of the landscape work I had previously created. The evolution of photography, from film to digital capture, solidly altered the landscape of the medium. The Holy Grail of photography was centered around tiny electronic pixels instead of film grain. The race to pack in more pixels in every iteration and at every advance had begun. The beginnings were rocky and crude, but the writing was on the wall. Film slowly began to fade from the stocked photography store shelves, unwittingly replaced by camera bodies laced with digital sensors.

I purchased my first professional grade Nikon D2xs in 2005. The 4 x 5 and medium format Mamiya RZ quietly retired to the out of date bin in my gear arsenal. My digital capture era had begun and I was fully on board. Recently I acquired a Nikon D810 and the digital equipment wish list continues to grow. My iPhone has become a fun “sketch tool” with the multitude of apps available. I plan on adding a completely iPhone portfolio at some point.

Impressionist Style Collection

Advances in digital capture brought on a massive influx of creatives capturing the landscape. Studio photographers reveled in immediate feedback. For a while it seemed that there was a mentality that favored a “shoot first and fix it later in Photoshop” mindset. Photographic manipulation appear to become a dirty word for some. The arena became overwhelmed with competition. With all the newly acquired digital tools at my disposal, a desire to create something different was in the incubator. I was pushed by a desire for a new “look”. In 2011 I had a studio opening that featured a body of work that was tagged with “Impressionist Style Photography”. The are featured in the Impressionist Collection of the Galleries.

Conceptual Collection

Not being one to stand still when it comes to advances in creative image making, I found that I was filled with burning desires to push the envelop even further. I found myself wishing to play with the big boys. Previoiusly, I had spent several years specializing in digital retouching. I was seeing fascinating work coming out of Hollywood in the form of composited and conceptual work that made up the movie posters. I followed the work of notable current photographers such as John Paul Caponigro, Adrian Sommeling, Chris Clor, John Lund, Erik Johansson and Mark S. Johnson to name just a few. A whole new world opened it’s door.   It felt like an unreachable goal but I was in. Take a look at the Conceptual Collection of the Galleries




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