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Classic Digital Collection

During the mid 1970's I was polished by a background in the graphic arts. Printing, along with film and plate preparation for offset lithography was my career direction at that time. I had worked for a firm in Portland Oregon that provided film services to printers in the region. They had one of the first Hell Film Scanners on the west coast. Even at that time I could see possibilities for images being captured digitally. I could not believe how rapidly the medium developed.


By 2001, my wife (Bev) and I had opened a new gallery location on the waterfront here in Bellingham at an upscale location called "Bellwether On The Bay". Digital cameras were becoming more commonplace in the photographer's domain. The megapixel battles were on.  I immersed myself in computer technology. It wasn't long until I bought my first Nikon DSLR in 2005. I believe I have not shot any film since. From that point on, I was all in when it came to digital capture. The lights eventually dimmed on my darkroom for the last time. Photoshop became my tool for the future. All things Mac and Adobe where high on my list of self study as I became technically proficient.


In this loyal pursuit of creativity and an artful approach to photography, time and technology passed by like overhead clouds riding an onshore breeze. There were a mulitude of unusual places, I would have never gone, around many “corners.” Commercial photographic interest danced through the door. A magnetic interest in food, product, architectural and portrait photography approached from a distant horizon. I was working hard at keeping “the wheels on the bus.”

Classic Digital ~ Folio One

“We talk about the vulnerability involved in sharing our work publicly. I don’t think we talk enough about the real vulnerability involved in making art; if we truly engage the process we are changed by it.” – John Paul Caponigro



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